How Tortle Ninja Works

Tortle Ninja uses Tortle Combo Recipes. These recipes are sets of different nodes that create products and strategies.
‌Tortle users can create their own products by linking nodes and combining them into DeFi operations. You can split, create a limit, place stop-loss orders, farm, provide liquidity, and mix this together with combo triggers, our most significant innovation.
Combo triggers function similarly to oracles in that they receive on- and off-chain data and devise an evolving strategy. Imagine a scenario where you want to farm tokens until their value drops. With Tortle, you can do that and so much more.
Tortle Ninja has three main parts: the dashboard, the composer, and the analytics.

The Dashboard

Manage all your recipes here. On the left side of the dashboard, you can see:
Active Recipes
This is where you can monitor all the recipes you have executed and see how they are going. You can also execute them partially or abort them completely.
Liquidated Recipes
View all the recipes you have successfully executed. You can interact with them again and watch their results, and you can also clone them in case you want to reuse those strategies.
Your Recipes
This is where you can see all the strategies you have created and forked, including the ones you have not deployed yet. You can also see any of your drafts or incomplete recipes here.
Failed Recipes
In here, you can find all the recipes you executed but did not yield good results.
Browse Recipes
This section allows you to see recipes created by the community, view their details, and clone them for your use.
Tortle Ninja Dashboard

The Composer

This is the core of Tortle Ninja. You can drag and drop nodes here to create your own recipe. (Nodes explanation on the next page)
Here, you can name, compose, record, validate, and launch your recipe. You can choose to make it private or public.

The Analytics

Tortle Ninja has two analytical tools. In every recipe, you can see your earnings, your APR, and the inputs and outputs. This gives you an idea of how things are going with your strategy.
Additionally, you can see how each node is doing at any time. This is extremely important because Tortle Ninja decomposes all the KPIs as shown below, and this gives you important information that would've been impossible to know otherwise. On a farm, you can watch how much you deposited, what the current value is, and how much you have earned.
With Tortle Ninja, you won't need massive spreadsheets just to understand how DeFi really works.
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